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Dr Melanie Jones - Reflexology & Acupuncture

Call Melanie now for your free 10 minute telephone consultation when you can discuss your requirements and decide on which treatment is best suited to your own individual needs.  07896 047 660 or 01467 642114 or email drjones@paradiseclinic.co.uk

Dr Melanie Jones invites you to Paradise Clinic to Relax De-stress & Unwind

Relax, De-Stress and Unwind ~ enjoy luxurious treatments. Choose from:

~ Hand and Foot Reflexology, Ear Reflexology, Acupuncture & Japanese Jikiden Reiki.

~ Ayurvedic Hand and Foot Massage with Gently Warmed Sesame Oil.

~ Enjoy individually designed DRU Yoga & Relaxation sessions for particular body aches and pains, relaxation and stress management.

~ Enjoy Maternity Reflexology, Acupuncture, Reiki and Ayurvedic Treatments from day 1 of your pregnancy.

~ Enjoy Pregnancy Yoga classes or individual yoga sessions.

All with Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) at Paradise Clinic in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire.

Experience high quality time out, luxury treatments at Paradise Clinic, Aberdeenshire; or for corporate clients through The Hand Therapy Company in both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

Looking for a special stress-less relaxing gift ? Personalised Gift Vouchers start from as little as £7.75. You can buy vouchers for treatments from £10 in value to £245 for a block of treatments.

Freshly made B Skincare creams and OrganicaJ balms also available from £4.49.

Come to the well established Paradise Clinic in Kemnay to Relax, De-stress & Unwind because your health matters.


Weight Management

Weight Management at Paradise Clinic

Weight control programmes are also available to individuals, groups and corporate clients. Available at Paradise Clinic the program incorporates Needle Free Hand Acupuncture and Ear Reflexology.

Currently I am trialling and getting good results with Synergy SLM shakes which taste really good, even just mixed with water. You are welcome to try them too, just contact me and I will put you in touch with a distributor. I can also put you in touch with a Clinical Dietician for nutritional advice.

You Tube 7 breath relaxation

Suffering from Insomnia?

Try the latest download that Melanie has placed on You Tube.https://youtu.be/DbhAuGeId_o 

This is a shorter version of the 7 breath relaxation ~ just 5 minutes which aims to help you if you suffer from Insomnia. Melanie would really like to hear from you if you find this helps you? Or not! The longer version is aimed at helping people to relax in 7 consecutive breaths and brings them out of the relaxation at the end. It takes just 7 minutes though you can literally do the relaxation in 7 breaths if you want! Any feedback is most welcome.

Melanie lost all the likes on You Tube by taking down the original file to shorten it... so if you want to like all the files that would be great so more people can potentially use this relaxation.

DRU Yoga and Relaxatopn Classes

DRU Yoga Classes

Melanie runs Relaxation~DRU yoga classes for individuals, groups and corporate clients. Currently we meet on Mondays, Kemnay Church Centre at 7:55pm for 1 hour of Relaxing, Stress Reducing Yoga. Suitable for all ages and mobility needs. You may join anytime. The price is £7.75 a class or £30 for a block of 4 consecutive classes with the 5th one free. Call 07896 047 660 today to book your place and try it for yourself.

DRU Yoga and Relexation sessions that are individually tailored to your needs are also available at any time at Paradise Clinic with Melanie.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga and Post Natal Yoga for Mums and Babies

Melanie recently qualified as a YogaBirth Teacher after an 18 month Continuing Professional Development Programme involving intensive study on how to teach Pregnancy Yoga and associated Childbirth Education. Melanie has been teaching Pregnancy Yoga in Kemnay since July 2015. If you are interested in joining a Pregnancy Yoga class in Kemnay on Monday evening please call Melanie on 07896 047 660.

Melanie will be teaching Pregnancy Yoga at 7pm on a Thursday evening at Hoodles in Oldmeldrum from January 7th 2016. If you would like to pre-register for this class then please call Melanie to discuss your individual needs. There are currently places available in both classes in Kemnay and Hoodles. You may also call for details of a one to one Pregnancy YogaBirth Class with Melanie at Paradise Clinic which can be at a time to suit you. 

If you are needing a YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga class on a Wednesday from Janary 2016 you can come to Paradise Clinic in Kemnay for either 6pm or 7pm. If you would like a class at 4pm in Aberdeen can I suggest you contact Judy Cameron (one of my Mentors) directly. Judy's contact details are 0779 207 9389 judycameron.yoga@gmail.com It would be useful, if you let Judy know that you got her contact details from myself, thank you.

Post Natal Yoga

You are welcome to contact me for the latest schedule of Post Natal Yoga for Mums and of course you bring your baby along to the session with you. Ideal for helping your body to build up the core muscles and start with safe gentle exercise. You also get to meet other mums and socialise over a homebake and cup of hot or cold cordial!

Maternity Reflexology with Dr Melanie Jones PhD

Maternity Reflexology
Maternity Reflexology may help prepare the body for pregnancy, for good health throughout the pregnancy, the birth, and afterwards when feeding the baby. Melanie has trained as a Maternity Reflexologist.

After the treatment K. Ashton of Aberdeen had one word to say "Amazing" .


Come to Paradise Clinic, where we aim to provide you with a quality time out experience. We cater exclusively for individuals who need hand and foot reflexology, needle free Korean hand acupuncture, Korean Ear Reflexology, Japanese Jikiden Reiki and Ayurvedic foot and hand massage. Clients come from all over Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen city to the pleasant relaxing treatment room in Paradise Clinic in rural Aberdeenshire to experience the potential health benefits of these special therapies.

Hand and Foot Reflexology

Need to Relax, De-stress & Unwind? Try Reflexology...

Experience the original Ingham Method of Hand and Foot Reflexology, used worldwide for 80 years.
You don’t have to be ill to get benefit from reflexology, some people use it as a preventative treatment as they believe it helps to banish those bugs and keep their health in tip top condition. Hand and foot reflexology have been known to improve, or eliminate, many ailments after only 4 to 6 treatments. Because of her training, over 10 years experience and many positive testimonials, Melanie (Dr Jones PhD) can guarantee that you will feel relaxed after having reflexology.

Are you old enough?
Many medical conditions may originate from stress and stress can affect us at all stages of our lives. Reflexology treatments are suitable for all ages from babies suffering with colic and sleep problems, children with anxiety issues, teenagers with exam stress, adults (including work related issues) and conditions associated with aging.


Feeling pain or suffering from a medically diagnosed condition?
Korean Hand Acupuncture, a needle free Koryo hand therapy (KHT) may be ideal for reducing your symptoms. Along with Hand and foot reflexology these therapies can help you enjoy better health and relaxation.

Please contact Melanie at Paradise Clinic (01467 642114 or mobile 07896 047 660) for private hand acupuncture and reflexology treatments. If you cannot get to Paradise Clinic then mobile visits may be possible. Corporate Clients can access a mobile service from Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) through The Hand Therapy Company.

If you would like Paradise Clinic to organise a private therapy party or small exclusive hen night where a range of different therapists can be available please call us to discuss your individual requirements.

If you are an employer or would like a corporate visit, Dr Jones will provide mobile hand reflexology treatments through The Hand Therapy Company at your workplace.

Reduce stress with a treatment with Dr Melanie Jones at Paradise Clinic

Do You Want to Reduce Sickness and Absenteeism?
Research shows that reflexology reduces days off sick in the workplace. Hand reflexology may reduce stress, aid rehabilitation and make you more comfortable at work. Hand reflexology involves working only the hands. Reflexology sessions can be short and easily fitted into your work schedule. The benefits to those employees that work on computer keyboards all day are felt immediately and we teach some useful self help techniques to  extend the benefits of the reflexology treatment.

Reduce Stress in your Workplace Call Dr Melanie Jones today!

Can You Afford to Lose Good Staff through ill Health?
The Hand Therapy Company offers a high value, unique service giving mobile hand reflexology and needle free Koryo hand therapy (KHT) treatments to small and large companies and businesses throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Invite The Hand Therapy Company to your workplace for a 2-3 hour demonstration and discover the immediate benefits of Hand Reflexology for you and your staff.

An hourly rate can be negotiated or a small donation maybe asked for a charity of your choice or previously we have supported the Neurological Sue Ryder Care centre in Aberdeen.
Contact Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) today on 01467 642 114 or 07896 047 660.

Credentials: Dr Jones, a PhD scientist (non-medical) with 10 years previous experience in academia, has been a practitioner in Reflexology since 2003 and has worked with Korean Hand Acupucture since 2005. Melanie is one of only 2 Original Ingham Method Reflexology trained therapist's in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.


Credentials: Dr Jones, a PhD scientist (non-medical) with 10 years previous experience in academia, has been a practitioner in Reflexology since 2003 and has worked with Korean Hand Acupucture since 2005. Melanie is one of only 2 Original Ingham Method Reflexology trained therapist's in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

Relax Destress and Unwind at Paradise Clinic with Dr Melanie Jones PhD

Events at Paradise Clinic

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