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Dr Melanie Jones PhD. Reflexology, Acupuncture, & Yoga

Relax, De-Stress and Unwind ~ enjoy luxurious treatments with Dr Melanie Jones PhD.

Start Here! Welcome to the Paradise Clinic Portal. On this page you will find the menu with brief information about all the wonderful treatments and products available, such as the new Blossom and Soften Skincare range. Can we suggest that you skim read down to the bottom of this page first and then click on the link to take you directly to the item of most interest. We wouldn’t want you to miss finding out about anything!

Not sure what treatment to choose? Call 07896 047 660 for your free 10 minute consultation with Melanie for help and advice or email her at

Experience high quality time out, luxury treatments at Paradise Clinic, Aberdeenshire; or for CORPORATE CLIENTS through The Hand Therapy Company in both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. For a special page devoted to Men’s Health, please click here for further information. 

Call Dr Melanie Jones PhD to discuss your situation if you require a concessionary rate. I am always happy to help out to some extent if you cannot afford a treatment.

Just call for a chat! Call 07896 047 660

Gift vouchers can be made for any value and can be for a full treatment or yoga session or they can be used as part payment for anything including the Blossom and Soften range. 

For our range of Gift Vouchers please click here.

Choose from our extensive menu:

Need to Relax, De-stress & Unwind? Try Hand and Foot Reflexology

If you want to experience the 80 year old Original Ingham Method of Hand and Foot Reflexology then you have come to the right place! 

Dr Melanie Jones PhD trained with Dwight Byers the nephew of Eunice Ingham who developed Reflexology in 1930’s USA.

Melanie has been giving treatments since 2002 and is “still curious and fascinated by the positive effects that Hand and Foot Reflexology appear to have on a range of issues with many different clients”. 

Are you old enough for Hand & Foot Reflexology?

Many medical conditions may originate from stress and stress can affect us at all stages of our lives. Reflexology treatments are suitable for all ages from new born babies suffering with colic and sleep problems, children with anxiety issues, teenagers with exam stress, adults (including work related issues) and conditions associated with aging. For more information on Foot Reflexology click here

Treatments are based on time and on your budget so Melanie can help you whatever your situation. If you only want or need or can afford a half hour treatment then the price is just £29, 45 minutes is £39 and 1 hour is £49. 75 minutes is discounted to £58.50 and 90 minutes to £69. You are also welcome to buy a block of 5 full priced treatments for any of the times and receive an additional treatment for free!

Hand Reflexology

It is estimated that 30% of the population does not like having their feet touched! For a Hand Reflexologist this is no problem. Simply come along for an hour of Reflexology on the hands alone.

Combined with Relaxation and Reflex Massage this is truly a positive pampering experience. Shorter sessions are available on request especially for gift vouchers and taster sessions. For more information.

If you have a medically diagnosed hand condition for example Arthritis, Dupuytren's contracture, Trigger Thumb or Finger or Tendonitis you are welcome to try this treatment and assess the results for yourself.

Reflex Massage ~ Ayurvedic Foot and Leg Treatments

This treatment aims to work the Marma points on the feet and lower legs that traditionally in Ayurvedic Medicine have related to the many of the body systems. Gently warmed Ayurvedic oil is placed on the lower leg and foot using a special reflex massage technique. The oil is then further encouraged to penetrate the skin by the use of the heated metal Kasa Wand foot massager. This is a truly unique experience which is tailored especially to your requirements. The treatment and relaxation takes 90 minutes and is just pure luxury. 

A shorter Reflex Massage using Avocado Oil Balm of either Hands or Feet 30 or 45 minutes can be taken this is particularly great as a gift voucher for a friend or relative (£29 or £39). For more information


VRT ~ Vertical Reflexology Therapy for Hands or Feet

The Booth Method of VRT (also known as Vertical Reflex Therapy) developed by Lynne Booth over a period of 20 years is a form of reflexology where the hands or feet are worked in a weight-bearing position for short periods, providing an intensive level of treatment that can aid general well-being, relieve tension in the body and bring about a state of relaxation throughout the body. 

VRT can be part of the full 90 minute Hand and Foot Reflexology session or you can simply ask for a 30 minute treatment to include VRT. Call Dr Melanie Jones PhD to discuss your requirements 07896 047 660

Facial or Face Reflexology

Facial Reflexology aims to work the Marma points on the face, head, neck and upper chest that traditionally in Ayurvedic Medicine have been used to relieve stress aid relaxation and effect a beneficial health effect on the human body. pecial preparation of Tridoshic Ayurvedic oil containing herbs and spices in a delicate floral balance is gently warmed and massaged into the face and neck and head and can be put onto the hair as well if requested.

Two warmed bronze metal Kasa Wands are used to help the delicate oils penetrate the facial skin. For more information click here.

Ear Reflexology/Acupuncture

Korean Ear Reflexology is based on the same principles as Chinese Auricular Acupuncture but again is needle free. The theory is that the ear has many zones which relate to various parts of the body. In Ear Reflexology the points on the ear which relate to your individual requirements are treated with Tourmaline pellets. These are attached to the ear and pressed at will. Clients have found this technique particularly useful for Stopping Smoking, Weight Management and Phobias.

The first treatment takes 1 hour and you pay for just 1 hour plus the number of pellets required for your individual requirements.  Thereafter the total treatment time is 14 days and during this time once you have seen how and where to attach the Tourmaline seed pellets you can then attach them yourself. A great complementary self-help, cost effective therapy. For more information.

Nerve Reflexology

Nerve reflexology utilises a specific pressure technique to target and precisely impact various parts of the nervous system.

A Nerve Reflexologist has therefore extended their skills to include specific additional techniques for use in both acute and chronic pain states. Dr Melanie Jones PhD trained with Nico Pauly and qualified with a diploma in Nerve Reflexology. Call 07896 047 660 to get more information about this unique treatment. For more imformation, please click here



Whatever your health issue, experience the positive effects of Korean Needle Free Korean Hand Acupuncture (KHT).  

KHT can be used for symptomatic relief of many diagnosed conditions; particularly pain management. Come for just one needle free acupuncture treatment and assess the positive results for yourself.

Depending on the condition, self-help techniques may extend the effects of the first treatment. 

KHT is a cost efficient, potentially highly effective form of Acupuncture, suitable for anyone. 

Pregnant? Try KHT for nausea, headaches/migraine & quick relief from symptoms of coughs/colds/flu.

Need to know more? Call today for your FREE 10 Minute telephone consultation with Dr Melanie Jones PhD 07896 047 660 

DRU Yoga

Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation.

With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition, Dru works on body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being. For more information, click here

If you come along to Melanie’s class on a Monday or book a one to one at Paradise Clinic you can experience it for yourself. DRU has lots more information. 

Please Call  07896 047 660 to book your place or to go on the waiting list. 

CBY~ Chair Based Yoga

Melanie has also created CBY~CHAIR BASED YOGA. Melanie has from personal experience of many years of doing Yoga in a chair created a programme especially for those people who need to sit a lot or have issues getting onto the floor. You can do CBY within the current 8pm Monday DRU yoga class or at a One to One session or you can ask me to come into your workplace or give a class at an event. For more information click here


YogaBites is a unique short Yoga Class aimed at busy people. In a 30-40 minute session you can fit in activations, postures and sequences and a relaxation. These are all based on DRU Yoga. You can come to Paradise Clinic or I may come to your workplace during lunch or at another regular time or for a one off event. For more information click here

Japanese Reiki & Kekko Massage

Japanese Reiki is exceptionally relaxing and is one of those treatments that defies explanation in any great detail. Really you should try it yourself and assess the benefits to you as an individual. Generally the treatment is 90 minutes and though it does not involve self-help afterwards many people report a deep sense of calm which pervades for many weeks after their treatment. 

Melanie’s teacher is trained by Tadao Yamaguchi and as such the techniques used in your treatment are pure, simple and originate directly from the Usui method. If you wanted to learn how to treat yourself then Melanie’s teacher Gisela Stewart runs a course twice a year at Paradise Clinic in Kemnay. For more information, please click here.


Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones have been used therapeutically for thousands of years to enhance the benefits of massage.

These smooth stones help create the most relaxing, comforting and indulgent form of massage, as inspired by Native American, Egyptian and Ayurvedic traditions. 

For more information on Hot Stone Massage and other Auyurvedic Massage treatments please click here.


Skin Care Issues? Try the New Blossom & Soften Range

Melanie has worked with Organica J and B Skincare over the last 10 years as their businesses have developed. Both are excellent makers of skincare products. Click here for more information.

Melanie has always wanted to develop an own brand for Paradise Clinic and this will be launched in 2017 as the Blossom and Soften Range. Click here for more information.

Fertility & Conception

Stress may play a huge part in any issues to do with Fertility and Conception. At Paradise Clinic we aim to help you to cope with and reduce the stress associated with trying to conceive. 

Whether you are trying for a baby naturally for the first time, or have been trying naturally for years or you are now taking advantage of IVF etc., you are welcome to experience the various natural complementary treatments that we offer to help your body relax and then just see what happens! Click here for more information.

Maternity Reflexology, how is it different?

A Maternity Reflexologist has undergone specific training in using reflexology as a natural therapy; to support pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and throughout the postnatal period. Please click here for more information on Maternity Reflexology and how it can help you. 

Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) has also worked with women who are considering or trying to get pregnant, have infertility issues, polycystic ovary syndrome, and who are undergoing IVF. If you want more information on treatments to aid with conception please click here.

Pregnancy Yoga

Melanie runs Pregnancy Yoga classes at various times in Paradise Clinic, Kemnay Church Centre and Hoodles Playbarn in Oldmeldrum. You are welcome to have a one to one Pregnancy Yoga session if you have particular health issues or cannot make one of the class times. There are many benefits to Pregnancy Yoga here are just a few! 

  • A safe form of exercise
  • Meet pregnant women and share experiences and make new friends
  • Some childbirth education included each week
  • Improve vitality and energy levels
  • Learn to relax and reduce stress
  • Reduce your aches and pains

Here's what Claire said: "At 25 weeks pregnant with twins, I am thoroughly enjoying Melanie's Pregnancy yoga classes. She ensures a completely relaxing experience and every week gives us tips on how to combat the everyday strains of pregnancy. She is friendly and very easy to approach with any kind of question. Highly recommended!"

After speaking to many women in Pregnancy Yoga Classes I have put together some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions or FAQs before you start a class or come for a one to one session. Click here for more information.

Postnatal Classes

The class aims to help you replenish your energy and begin to restore your core strength. You can also learn good postural habits and easy stretches and relaxing movements so you can continue to extend the benefits of the class at home. We meet at the Kemnay Church Centre on a Thursday at 10:15pm for a 10:30pm start in the Milenium Room. The Class last for 1 hour. If you buy 5 classes then the 6th one is free. This also means that if you miss a class you have not lost any money.

Afterwards you are welcome to join the Bumps and Bairns Lunch Club in the Loaves and Fishes for a drink or some lovely homemade soup and pancakes! For more information click here.

Bumps & Bairns Lunch Club

Everyone at Bumps and Bairns has either been to Melanie for a treatment or has come to one of the Yoga Classes however you are still welcome to come along if you have not had a treatment/attended a yoga class! Bumps and Bairns is Free to attend you just pay for whatever food or hot drink you want!

The concept of Bumps and Bairns is for those pregnant women who have finished work and want to meet other new Mums to get information and support and new Mums who want to meet likeminded new Mums! You are welcome to join the Bumps and Bairns Lunch Club in the Loaves and Fishes for a drink or some lovely homemade soup and pancakes! For more information click here.

We meet at the Kemnay Church Centre on a Tuesday once or twice a month at 11:30pm for an 11:45am lunch start in the Millenium Room. If Post Natal Yoga is running then lunch is always on after the Post Natal class as well so always call Melanie to check when the lunch club is on? Call 07896 047 660

Suffering from Insomnia?

Try the latest download that Melanie has placed on You Tube. 

This is a shorter version of the 7 breath relaxation ~ just 5 minutes which aims to help you if you suffer from Insomnia. Melanie would really like to hear from you if you find this helps you? Or not! The longer version is aimed at helping people to relax in 7 consecutive breaths and brings them out of the relaxation at the end. It takes just 7 minutes though you can literally do the relaxation in 7 breaths if you want! Any feedback is most welcome.

Introduction to the 7 Breath Relaxation

7 Breath Relaxation

Melanie lost all the likes on You Tube by taking down the original file to shorten it... so if you want to like all the files that would be great so more people can potentially use this relaxation. 

Weight Management

Weight control programmes are also available to individuals, groups and corporate clients. Available at Paradise Clinic the program incorporates Needle Free Hand Acupuncture and Ear Reflexology for more information call 07896 047 660

The PM Recipe Club

If you are interested in joining our free Recipe Club for healthy and nutritious recipes that have been sent in by clients and people who have viewed this website then please go to the contacts pages and send us a message. 

For more information on the ethos behind the PM Recipe club click here.


If you are a stressed out therapist and want to treatment swop just give me a call on 07896 047 660. If you want to be part of Therapy4Therapists then have a look further at the information.


Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) began training in 2002 as an Ingham Method Reflexologist and in 2004 started training with Dwight Byers ~ the Nephew of Eunice Ingham who did the original research along with Medical Doctors in 1930’s USA.  Melanie also qualified in Korean Hand Acupuncture in 2005.

Since then Melanie has concentrated on these two therapies and supplemented them with additional techniques that complement the outcomes required from many clients. Melanie has been practising Siddha Yoga for 30 years. In 2008 Melanie took the 3 year DRU yoga teacher training course and as such began to include Relaxation Yoga Techniques where appropriate in the Reflexology therapy sessions.

Maternity Credentials: Melanie has over 10 years experience in Maternity and Baby Reflexology and Acupuncture. Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) has trained with Moshe Kruche and also with the late Gill Thomson a midwife who specialised in Suzanne Enzers Maternity Reflexology Method.

Melanie is a YogaBirth (Pregnancy Yoga) and British Wheel of Yoga Post Natal Teacher. Melanie was trained by Judy Cameron and 4 other highly experienced teachers over nearly a 2 year period. Please see links page for website. 

To be entered in the Prize Draw simply follow us on Face Book or follow us on Twitter. (

Melanie has worked with OrganicaJ and Bskincare over the last 10 years as their businesses have developed. Both are excellent makers of skincare products

If you want any more information call 07896 047 660 or 01467 642114 to speak to Melanie {Dr Jones (PhD)}for a free 10 minute telephone consultation or email

Melanie is based at the established natural health Paradise Clinic in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire. 
A wide range of clients come to Kemnay from Aberdeen and beyond.
Kemnay is very close to Inverurie and the A96. 
Mobile visits are possible, if necessary. 

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