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Dr Melanie Jones PhD Owner of Paradise Clinic, Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Welcome to the Paradise Clinic Portal for information on Reflexology, Acupuncture, Reiki, Ayurvedic Treatments; YOGA Classes, Breathwork Coaching or Calm & Relax Coaching.  

If after browsing you are still not sure what to choose just call/text 07896 047 660 for your free 10 minute consultation with Dr Melanie Jones PhD for help and advice. Or email Melanie through drjones@paradiseclinic.co.uk 

Follow the Click here links to specific tabs and more information about all the wonderful treatments and Yoga classes available. If you are viewing this website on your phone or tablet turn your device on its side (landscape) for best view

Ask for a concessionary rate if you can't afford a treatment as I am always happy to help out!

If you are looking for a Breathwork Coach to help you change your rate of breathing per minute with the aim of regulating your nervous system to help improve physiology, your emotions and your general outlook on life then please send me a message on drjones@paradiseclinic.co.uk   For more information explaining breathwork and how it can help you view my short video hereclick here - https://vimeo.com/cinecosse/dru-breathwork   A Calm and Relax Coaching Programme is also now available to help with Stress and Anxiety, sleep issues etc. The coaching can be offered on a one to one basis or in groups. 

Paradise Yoga & Meditation Studio is now based within Paradise Clinic and offers face to face & online classes and one to one's.  If you have missed the first few sessions of a block of classes you can still join in and pay for the remaining block just text 07896 047 660 and we can sort something out for you! If you need a concessionary rate then text 07896 047 660.

Click here for online booking of our latest classes:

  • DRU Yoga 8pm Monday & 7pm Tuesday
  • Meditation 7pm Tuesday
  • Pregnancy Yoga from 6:30pm Monday,
  • Post Natal, Baby Yoga or Mum & Baby Yoga Sessions 10:45am Wednesday
  • CBY~Chair Based Yoga 11:55am Wednesday

All types of yoga and meditation can be taken as one to ones or one to two's/three's if you have a friend who wants to share the hourly clinic rate with you. 

If you are looking for a link to my blog containing YogaBites to reduce stress to get you through a trying time, please Click here.

For a special page devoted to treatments for Men’s Health, please Click here for further information. 

Paradise Clinic offers high-quality time out, stress-relieving Hand Reflexology treatments for Corporate Clients in both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.~ Click here for information. Melanie can offer a full day or Hand Reflexology 15 minute taster treatments for individuals and a 1 hr session of CBY ~ Chair Based Yoga for up to 20 desk based workers at one time. Click here for information.

Gift Vouchers
Gift Voucher for Treatments & Products at Paradise Clinic, Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Gift vouchers can be made for any value and can be for a full treatment or one2one yoga session or block of classes or they can be used as part payment for anything such as foot rollers or hand reflexology balls, balms and creams. For our range of Gift Vouchers please go to our shopping page ~ click here.

Treatment Programs Designed for your Needs
Treatments at Paradise Clinic Kemnay

Ideally, 90 minutes of time is required for the first appointment so that your needs can be properly assessed therefore a 90 minute appointment is discounted to £89 (full price £103.50). You can then access our treatment programs which are tailormade for your own needs. Here are some examples which include a range of treatments as deemed appropriate.

Our newest addition is the DRU Breathwork Program used for a variety of stress related conditions. Click here for more info. 

De-Stress and Unwind Program ~ Need to reduce and manage your stress? Call Melanie for a free 10 minute consultation

Break free from Pain Program ~ treatments and self-help techniques to manage pain. Call Melanie for a free 10 minute consultation

Fulfilling your body's potential at any age. Call Melanie for a free 10 minute consultation

Fertility Issues & preparing for Pregnancy  ~ stress-reducing treatments and a self-help program Click here

Your Pregnancy Journey. Treatments and/or Pregnancy Yoga to help you through bump, baby and beyond! Click here

Men's Health ~ a range of treatments tailored for your better health. Click here

Children's Reflexology for young children and teenagers to help them overcome stress. Click here

Weight loss treatments ~ auricular therapy and needle free acupuncture. Click here

Stop Smoking ~ auricular therapy and needle free acupuncture. Click here

Suffering from Insomnia? Click here

Choose from our extensive therapy treatment menu:
A range of Treatments

For those of you who just want a session of stress-busting relaxing treatment, or you have been bought a gift voucher for a session or want a tailor-made treatment programme, then take a look at the choices below. If you are still not sure what to choose call Melanie on 07896047660 for a 10 minute free consultation.

  • Acupuncture ~ needle-free sessions for a variety of conditions Click here
  • Try Hand and Foot Reflexology to Relax, De-stress & Unwind. Click here
  • Foot Rollers Click here and Hand Reflexology Balls Click here for stress and pain management.
  • Ear Reflexology/Acupuncture/Auricular Therapy for Weight Loss, Phobias and Smoking Cessation Click here
  • VRT ~ Vertical Reflexology Therapy for Hands or Feet. Click here
  • Nerve Reflexology aims to help Pain Management. Click here
  • Facial or Face Reflexology, a super relaxing treatment! Click here
  • Children's Reflexology for young children and teenagers to overcome stress. Click here
  • Baby Hand and Foot Reflexology to help with sleep, colic and digestive disturbances from 10 days old Click here
  • Reflex Massage ~ Ayurvedic Foot and Leg Treatments. Click here
  • Men's Health ~ all the different treatments available for better health. Click here
  • Japanese Reiki & Kekko Massage for deep relaxation to aid stress Click here
  • DRU Yoga for all ages and abilities ~one2one sessions, classes for toning and relaxing. Click here
  • Fertility Issues ~ all the stress-reducing treatments to aid fertility are described Click here
  • Maternity Treatments ~ Hand & Foot Reflexology, Acupuncture & Pregnancy Yoga  Click here
  • Pregnancy Yoga ~ YogaBirth One2Ones and classes. Why you need these throughout pregnancy! Click here
  • Mum and Baby Yoga ~ one2one's or classes of combined PostNatal and Baby Yoga for optimum sleep for you, and your baby's development. Click here
  • Corporate Treatments ~ Hand Reflexology in the Workplace. Click here
  • CBY ~ Chair Based Yoga, One2Ones or Workplace sessions at your desk or for groups. Click here

Prices for all treatments are time based!

.Some treatments need more time than others. Treatments are based on time but also on your budget, so Melanie can help you whatever your current situation.

If you only want, need or can afford a shorter appointment than 45 minutes then chat to Melanie (07896047660) about your situation.

  • A 45 minute appointment is £55.
  • A 1 hour appointment is £69.
  • A 75 minute appointment is £86.
  • Ideally, 90 minutes of time is required for the first appointment therefore a 90 minute appointment is discounted to £89 (full price £103.50). So just 20 pounds more for 30mins!

You are also welcome to buy a Discounted Package of 5 full priced treatments for any of the times above.  You will receive either a 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes FREE additional time added on, which can be used separately, or added on to one or more treatments so you can have longer appointments! 

Packages are available for you to buy for your own use or as gift vouchers.

Discounted Packages:

  • 5 x 45 minute appointments is £275 with 45 minutes free time added on (£46 per 45 minutes).
  • 5 x 60 minute appointments £345 with 60 minutes free time added on (£57.50 per 60 minutes).  
  • 5 x 75 minute appointments £432 with 75 minutes free time added on (£72 per 75 minutes).
  • 5 x 90 minute appointments £518 with 90 minutes free time added on (£86 per 90 minutes).

Online Consultation Forms and GDPR Privacy

Click here for online consultation forms which allow you to choose to give information about your health, prior to treatment or a class. Also please read the GDPR privacy information ~ Click here. Sending in a consultation form by email indicates that you have read/agreed the GDPR privacy information which details your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR as of May 2018.

Testimonials for Melanie

After treating many clients since 2002 when I started as a therapist I have had many testimonials. Many can be found on my facebook page and on my google business page however here is a selection that pre-date those social media! They are divided into categories. Click link

If you leave a testimonial on either this site (Click Link) or facebook (Paradise Clinic Aberdeenshire) or google maps Paradise Clinic or on Twitter then you can enter the prize draw to win a treatment at Paradise Clinic.

Paradise Clinic Location, Directions and Prices

Kemnay is very close to Inverurie and the A96. For directions Click Link.
Mobile visits are possible, if absolutely necessary.

For more information on Prices of Treatment Programmes and discounted packages Click Here

If you want any more information call 07896 047 660 or 01467 642114 to speak to Melanie {Dr Jones (PhD)} for a free 10 minute telephone consultation or email drjones@paradiseclinic.co.uk

Time slots available to rent in treatment room

Melanie's Credentials
Relax De-Stress and Unwind at Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire with Dr Melanie Jones PhD

Melanie owns and works from the established natural health Paradise Clinic in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire. The Paradise Yoga Studio offering face to face and online Live classes is newly opened within the clinic. 
A wide range of clients come to Kemnay from Aberdeen and beyond for treatments, classes, one to one sessions of yoga, and coaching in Breathwork as well as group work. 

Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) began training in 2002 as an Ingham Method Reflexologist and in 2004 started training with Dwight Byers ~ the Nephew of Eunice Ingham who did the original research along with Medical Doctors in 1930’s USA.  Melanie also qualified in Korean Hand Acupuncture in 2005. Since then Melanie has concentrated on these two therapies and supplemented them with additional techniques that complement the outcomes required from many clients. Melanie has been practising Siddha Yoga for 30 years. In 2008 Melanie took the 3 year DRU yoga teacher training course and as such began to include Relaxation Yoga Techniques where appropriate in the Reflexology therapy sessions.

Melanie has been teaching DRU Yoga classes since 2008 and has been practicing Pranayama since then Melanie recently qualified as a DRU breathwork coach which take Pranayama and presents it in a modern coaching format suitable for these stressful times. Call or text Melanie for a free 10 minute consutlation on this or any of the offerings on this website and we can advise you further, 07896047660

For more information on Melanie's credentials Click Here

Melanie has worked with OrganicaJ and Bskincare over the last 15 years as their businesses have developed. Both are excellent makers of skincare products

Call Melanie for a free 10-minute telephone consultation and Melanie will recommend you the best treatment to start with, or help you choose a program which can be specially personalised and tailored to your needs at your first appointment.

Melanie is based at the established natural health Paradise Clinic in Corner of Paradise Road, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5NB.

A wide range of clients come to Kemnay from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and beyond.

Kemnay is very close to Inverurie and the A96. Kemnay is a 20-minute drive from Aberdeen on the dual carriageway. 


Dr Melanie Jones PhD (non-medical research)


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