Needle Free Hand Acupuncture
Korean Hand Acupuncture at Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Needle free Acupuncture is a branch of Koryo Hand Therapy (also known as Korean Hand Acupuncture or KHT).

Koryo Hand Therapy can be useful for the symptomatic relief of many diagnosed conditions; particularly for pain management and quick relief from the symptoms of coughs and colds.

A useful self-help therapy, developed in the 1970’s by Dr Tae Woo Yoo in Korea, KHT is based on the principle that the hand can be a microcosm of the entire body, and that most of the 401 basic acupuncture points can be mapped out on the palm and back of the hand and the fingers.

KHT is little known in western medicine. Working only on the hands, treatment involves various techniques. For example, acupressure is given via small metal press pellets taped to the skin, these substitute for the deep penetration of traditional acupuncture needles and can also extend the effects of the initial treatment significantly.

Can KHT help the symptoms of acute or chronic pain?
Needle Free Acupuncture with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Melanie has worked successfully with clients who have acute pain but are unable to take medication because this gave them unwelcome reactions.

“After a bad fall and breaking my wrist, the pain was unimaginable, whilst awaiting an operation to put in pins. I was very sceptical about trying the KHT. After one 20 minute session of needle free acupuncture on the 1st joint of my third finger on both hands I then used the apongs over night. The pain was virtually gone by morning. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from acute pain. It is very easy to self- treat as well.” M L, Aberdeenshire.


Treatments from day 1 of Pregnancy

During Pregnancy for example, you are often unable to use medication or may not wish to use medication for various conditions. Needle-free acupuncture can be very helpful for nausea during pregnancy and because you can effectively self-treat once you have had one treatment it is a portable and economic treatment. Click here for more information.

A simple Koryo Hand Therapy (KHT) technique to remove a headache is to wrap an elastic band around the end of each of your middle fingers and leave for a few minutes (do not do this if you have Raynauds Disease).

Call Melanie for a free 10-minute telephone consultation and Melanie will recommend you the best treatment to start with, or help you choose a program which can be specially personalised and tailored to your needs at your first appointment.

Melanie is based at the established natural health Paradise Clinic in Corner of Paradise Road, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5NB.

A wide range of clients come to Kemnay from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and beyond.

Kemnay is very close to Inverurie and the A96. Kemnay is a 20-minute drive from Aberdeen on the dual carriageway. 


Dr Melanie Jones PhD (non-medical research)


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