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The draw is drawn 4 times a year Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter! So Good Luck and Thanks so much for taking the time to give us feedback for this new part of the website.


"A truly wonderful and relaxing experience, I felt fantastic for days.  Melanie instantly put me at ease with her professionalism, knowledge and kindness - highly recommended.  I will definitely be returning."  M McWilliam, Aberdeen. (BOA)

I felt that the immediate difference to aches & pains I had was truly remarkable. The relaxed & welcoming atmosphere & the practitioners demeanour put me at ease immediately. Lillian M, Aberdeenshire. (BOA)

Hand Reflexology is a class apart. I enjoyed every second of being administered to by a thorough professional and very kind-hearted person. Melanie is delightful, full of energy for her art and passionate about people. You have to try it to believe it, but you don’t need to believe in it to try it. You just know it works because it feels so good.  J Marshall, Aberdeenshire (BOA)

"Reflexology has helped my relaxation and sleep pattern, with no side effects at all, which is great. Your warm, friendly professional approach put me at ease." Mr A P, Aberdeen. (BOA)

“When I had exams this summer I was really stressed about it.  I went to Melanie and had some hand reflexology and felt so much calmer afterwards – I had never heard of hand reflexology before that, but it was great.”  K Strachan, Aberdeen. (BOA)

I always feel so relaxed after a treatment with Melanie. She is very welcoming and understanding as well as very professional. I really feel that regular treatments with her help my wellbeing and reduce my stress levels. Louise Aberdeenshire (BOA)

My overall experience of reflexology with Melanie was absolutely fantastic. There is a really relaxing atmosphere where you can really unwind. Melanie always gives a summary at the end of each session so you know what she has found/ discovered/ worked on and gives you suggestions of things to think about and work on. I always leave the sessions feeling relaxed and de-stressed… Without doubt, Melanie is passionate about what she does and I always look forward to my next treatment :) Amy Aberdeenshire (BOA)

I would recommend Melanie 100% as a therapist; she is very knowledgeable, but most importantly is genuinely interested in you. You will really enjoy your time with her - and she's generous with her time too - you won't be rushed through the appointment. Katherine L Aberdeenshire (BOA)

Melanie is a caring therapist who makes you feel relaxed. She tailors the session to your specific needs & gives a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Marie C Aberdeenshire (BOA)


For total relaxation and stress relief go to see Melanie at the Paradise Clinic - reflexology facial - wonderful - my skin looks and feels great afterwards - had best night’s sleep for a while and my sinuses feel clearer - I would highly recommend you pay a visit! You will feel chilled as soon as you walk in the door - lovely relaxing ambience..... Fiona Matthew Aberdeenshire (Google Review)

“I have just finished a one hour session at the Paradise Clinic in Kemnay. It was amazing. Not only did I find a great improvement in mobility in my wrist which was fractured 2 months ago but my big toe which I broke 30 years ago also became mobile. I really didn't think it could ever move again. During the session Melanie's treatment feels like something you would imagine the Beckham's enjoying. You are the centre of attention and everything she does is for your comfort. Afterwards my whole body was relaxed and sort of buoyant at the same time. Very hard to describe but would definitely recommend it to all my friends.” Helen Aberdeenshire (BOA)

 “Have had migraines for years but after regular treatments with Melanie my migraines are far fewer and of much less severity. I don't know how I could have continued in the state I was in. Thanks so much Melanie ??” Charlotte A Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“I have received Reflexology and Japanese Reiki at the Paradise Clinic from Dr Melanie Jones. In my hectic lifestyle I really look forward to my piece of paradise every month and always feel totally relaxed and ready to deal with life afterwards”. Mandy A Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“After Reflexology Katrine (my daughter) was on time for her exam, and has since been studying for next week's exams and seems much calmer!” Mrs Strachan Aberdeen EM

“After a long and stressful day the feeling of tension leaving my body through having a very therapeutic reflexology session with Melanie is a pure dream, I feel relaxed and able to put more thought into what I can to support myself when I ‘m experiencing times of increased tension and stress. Thank You Melanie” Mrs N Aberdeenshire (GB)

Thank you soooo much for a beautiful face and feet treatment” Inger (GB)

"A very relaxing experience which I am delighted to recommend to anyone who wants a bit of "chill out" time. Mrs SW Aberdeenshire" (BOA)

“I had several successful sessions utilising Ear Reflexology with Melanie. I would recommend this business!” Natalie G Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“THANKS so much for the reflexology session today. My feet are still feeling warm and better aligned and muscles less stressed.” K Mckenzie, Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“Had a great session of reflexology! I have had a swollen bunion for over a year now. Have had anti-inflamatory creams to help, but with little joy (not helped by the fact the cream spreads over the carpet as soon as you move! Melanie worked on my bunion over a month ago and the swelling went down over the next few days, and it is still down! Wow, I am a happy bunny!” Maria Dow, Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“I went for a reflexology session and came out totally relaxed, feet were in heaven. Melanie was very friendly and informative. I would highly recommend a treatment here for anyone wanting pampering” Hazel B Aberdeenshire (BOA)

 “Sunday, was a first but won’t be a last........never having had Reflexology before there was nothing to compare it with...From the onset you displayed a warm, friendly professional approach which put me at ease......The Idea of the wheat bags and hot water bottles works a treat...I found the foot massage very relaxing indeed.....All I needed was Enya playing in the back ground and I would have fallen asleep.......What I have taken from this experience is that it has helped me with my relaxation and sleep pattern........with no side effects at all.....which is great. Alan Aberdeenshire“ (EM)

“Thanks for the follow up... had a very good sleep that night, generally felt very relaxed afterwards.” Paul Aberdeen (EM)

“Just so you know after last session my cough disappeared! I had a wee bit of a sore head the next day, around my eyes I think probably cause you worked the sinus area, but since then I have been feeling great!” Diane Aberdeen (EM)

“I was fine thanks and slept really well.  Haven't used my foot roller yet but need to remove it from the house as the dog thinks it is one of its toys!” Mrs S Aberdeenshire (EM)

“After the treatment I had a great sleep last night with no tingling feet or hands!!!! Felt nice and relaxed this morning with no sore shoulders - amazing!!!!!” Karen Aberdeenshire

“I found the treatment very relaxing. And for the days after I was less tense and noticeably less stressed, somehow I felt a bit insulated like I was floating about in my own light and airy realm.” Mrs L Aberdeen (EM)

“I found the reflexology session very relaxing and de stressing at the time.” Mrs M Aberdeenshire (EM)

“Thank you very much for the Hand Reflexology this morning which I enjoyed. The wrinkles are less prominent now and I will endeavour to exercise my hands more in future when I can find an idle moment.” Mrs Wain Aberdeenshire (EM)

Maternity Treatments

The most relaxed I have ever been. Would recommend maternity reflexology to anyone…Fiona A Aberdeenshire. (BOA)

Great maternity reflexology session. Felt like a new person afterwards and had a far better night's sleep than the previous few weeks. Would highly recommend Melanie. It is great we have this service in Kemnay. Jennifer P Aberdeenshire(BOA)

“Tailor-made treatments, super-relaxing and Dr Melanie Jones will put you at ease as soon as you step in the door! Great for expectant mums, but you don't really need a specific 'reason' or condition, you can just go if you're in need of TLC. Whether you're trying to ease an ailment or not, it's guaranteed that you'll leave the Paradise Clinic far less frazzled than when you went in, and possibly floating!” Amy S. Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“I certainly had quite a spring in my step for the rest of the day! It was very relaxing, and I can only imagine it would be even better with feet worked harder and no baby on knee (much as I love her!)” Laura Aberdeenshire (EM)

“I enjoyed the Reflexology very much thanks and definitely feel that it helped.  
I didn't wear my splints (for the Carpal tunnel) and my wrists have been better, although are starting to feel quite sore again now so I'm glad I have the appointment on Monday.
My feet are definitely better too and I don't think they've been as swollen as they were before since Tuesday!” Mrs G Aberdeen (EM)

“Yes I really enjoyed my Reflexology session with you last Tuesday and am pleased to report that I haven’t had any Pelvic Girdle Pain since…” Mrs E Aberdeenshire (EM)

“Felt a bit heady last night (after the treatment) but sure it’s just my back and being all tense.... Then was not sick this morning - yipee! Still felt ill but was not actually sick so step in right direction. Mrs A Aberdeenshire (EM)

“I also had a fantastic reflexology session with Melanie and will definitely be going back for more!” Mrs R Aberdeenshire (EM)

“After the session I felt “totally blissed out” Mrs Carpenter Aberdeenshire (EM)

“Thank you for your 'phone call - I am feeling relaxed and big toe is still flexible!  Even after dancing the night away at a Burn's supper” Mrs D Aberdeen


“I feel much more relaxed today and less stressful :)” Mrs T (Aberdeen)

“I really enjoyed the session and felt really good afterwards – and still do. I’ll definitely be back for another session. It was great mix of pampering and therapy!” Mrs B Aberdeen (EM)

“Thank you very much for my treatment. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it certainly relaxed me. Also it was so nice to hear a little bit of the history, very informative.” Mrs F Aberdeenshire (EM) 

Children & Babies

“When I had exams this summer I was really stressed about it.  I went to Melanie and had some hand reflexology and felt so much calmer afterwards – I had never heard of hand reflexology before that, but it was great.” K Strachan Aberdeen (EM)

“Thanks for coming round on Friday – I really enjoyed the company and John certainly did too… you will be amazed to hear that after his first reflexology he slept for nearly 3 hours! This is highly unusual as his daytime snooze is usually between 1 and 2 hours! Must book another session in the new year.” Mrs K Aberdeenshire (EM)

"Both my daughter and myself enjoyed a relaxing hour, while Melanie provided wonderful Hand Reflexology to both of us. I would recommend hand reflexology as a pampering session or especially to someone with painful joints in their hands. We will be back.  S Evans Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“Thanks for Refleoxlogy session yesterday afternoon – my son is very calm & peaceful & thanks for all the tips!” Mrs D Aberdeenshire (EM)


“Melanie introduced me to DRU yoga this year at her Monday night class. The balance between physical and meditation is lovely and I look forward to the hour to just be. The sessions are tailored to the group and how we are feeling or if we have any niggles or injuries we want to address. Melanie is so knowledgeable. I have learnt a lot in a short space or time. It's a lovely group and I am very glad to be a part of it. I would highly recommend (DRU YOGA) to anyone who has ever wanted to try yoga as Melanie provides scaled options of each pose to allow you to practice the poses at your own pace. It really is a class for all abilities and a lovely welcoming group.” Vicky F Aberdeenshire (BOA)

Pregnancy Yoga

At 25 weeks pregnant with twins, I am thoroughly enjoying Melanie's Pregnancy yoga classes. She ensures a completely relaxing experience and every week gives us tips on how to combat the everyday strains of pregnancy. She is friendly and very easy to approach with any kind of question. Highly recommended! Claire Aberdeenshire (BOA)

Creams, Balms & Oils

“The best barrier cream I've ever used" K. Low Aberdeenshire. (BOA)

"The Muscle Salve is just great, particularly for my husband with all his aches and pains after football!" A. Grant, Aberdeenshire. (BOA)

“I am pregnant with twins and from the beginning I dove straight in with the bio oil (as I'm sure many do) to try to prevent any of those dreaded stretch marks. Alas by week 22 they had already started spreading all over my expanding bump, I continued to lather it on twice a day until my skin started cracking and was painfully stretching - this was not moisturising as I had intended it to. When I explained my discomfort to Melanie, she suggested (along with other non-related itch advice) this Body Balm (part of the new Paradise Blossom & Soften Range) - body butter - does as it says as it literally melts into the skin. Within 4 days my skin was soft, all cracks gone, and a miracle had happened, stretch marks had disappeared too. Now at 27weeks pregnant, I still have no stretch marks, a beautiful bump and one less thing to worry about. Don't look anywhere else for a moisturiser - or advice as Melanie can provide both!!” Claire F. Aberdeenshire

“Just wanted to thank you, belatedly, for the great reflexology. It did really relax me and I slept really well!  As the for the Face Oil it really is fantastic and I will definitely be ordering more! Mrs Robin Aberdeenshire (EM)

“Really enjoyed the reflexology felt very relaxed and positive afterwards.  My legs and arms felt loose and light and I generally felt well.  You created a very relaxed and comfortable setting, looking forward to my next session on Thursday. Thanks. PS Love the lip balm and lemon hand cream Mrs Young Aberdeen (EM)

“Love the foot cream and lip gel.” Mrs F Aberdeenshire

Paradise Clinic

“From the minute you walk through the front door until you come back out again you are in a special place .... where care, luxurious comfort and total relaxation abound! “ Isobel K Aberdeen (BOA)

“You receive very relaxing treatments and there is a wonderful atmosphere in the Paradise Clinic.” Inger Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“I love them because they care. Reflexology and alternative therapies are available in many places, but Paradise Clinic go the extra mile in caring about you as a person and providing a treatment that makes a difference.” Lynn C Aberdeenshire (BOA)


"I've recently had a couple of treatments from Melanie and found out she would like to begin to offer this service to business. I would thoroughly recommend her services - and Hand Reflexology would be a simple thing to offer to people at the office, and particularly valuable as we all spend so much time at a keyboard. " K Low. BP (BOA)

“I would like to express my gratitude to you and your company for attending the ‘Healthy Working Lives’ Health Fair at Quattro House. The advice and information you provided was invaluable and has helped us considerably towards promoting a healthier culture. I am grateful to you for donating Hand Reflexology sessions, without your support I do not believe the event could have been such a resounding success.” AMEC testimonial (BOA)

“Hand Reflexology was such a fluid experience, I couldn’t tell where my hands ended and Melanie’s began! I found it thoroughly relaxing and invigorating. I thoroughly recommend everyone try this experience.” Ms J M, NLP Practitioner. (BOA)

“My reflexology session was excellent, it was just what I needed and I was very well looked after”. Lynn Carpenter. Development Coach. On Purpose Ltd. Aberdeenshire (BOA)

“The hand and foot reflexology is great at the Paradise Clinic and The Hand Therapy Company”. Craig W Aberdeen (BOA)

“I have now used Melanie for several years as an integral part of my personal relaxation & wellbeing. As a remedial sports massage therapist I am always amazed at the physical benefit to the entire body when having had work on only your hands & feet!! Apart from that Melanie is a great therapist with a warm & welcoming personality, so when teamed with the lovely setting her clinic has it makes for a very enjoyable experience!” Lillian Murphy Aberdeen (BOA)

“Please give my thanks again to Melanie, (after the treatment) the pain hasn't come back on my left arm, which is great!” Miss K (EM)

“I loved the hand reflexology – very relaxing and a great treat to have in a work environment.  It was lovely to take time out!” Prospect Aberdeen

“Thank you for this morning’s treatment I’m feeling calmer and more alert already.” Mrs L Aberdeen


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