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Hand & Foot or Ear Reflexology

Maternity & Conception Reflexology

Needle Free Hand Acupuncture or

Japanese REIKI and Kekko Massage

Ayurvedic Treatments on Face Head and Neck or Legs and Feet. A delightful Reflex Massage with Gently Warmed Oil

Facial Reflexology with Gently Warmed Oil

Breathwork Coaching to help you cope with stress and anxiety.

Calm & Relax Coaching - strategies for dealing with everyday stress in our lives.

Yoga & Meditation Classes, one to one's. 

DRU Yoga Classes & one to one's. 

Pregnancy Yoga one to one's and classes.

Post Natal Yoga & Baby Yoga, Mum & Baby Yoga private sessions or classes.

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Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) began training in 2002 as an Ingham Method Reflexologist and in 2004 started training with Dwight Byers ~ the Nephew of Eunice Ingham who did the original research along with Medical Doctors in 1930’s USA. Melanie has been helping people in the UK towards Better Health since 2005.Melanie is also a qualified Nerve Reflexologist with Nico Pauly and Vertical Reflex Therapist for hands and feet with Lynne Booth. 

Melanie qualified in Korean Hand Acupuncture in 2005 with a Korean Teacher and has done courses on Ear Reflexology with Jong Baik. Melanie has also visited the institute in Korea. 

Melanie has concentrated on the various forms of Reflexology and Acupuncture and supplemented them with additional techniques that complement the outcomes required from many clients.

Melanie does numerous courses each year to supplement her existing knowledge in Reflexology and Yoga. Most recently she has done trainings in Fertility Reflexology, Stress, Pain Management, Hip & Knee Pain, Energy Medicine, Migraine and Headache pain, with Touchpoint in Denmark. 

Melanie has been practising Siddha Yoga for 30 years, and DRU yoga since 2020. 

Since the Covid Pandemic Melanie has focused on teaching one to ones at her clinic in Kemnay and also teaching yoga classes on Zoom to students from anywhere in the UK.

In 2024 Melanie opened the Paradise Yoga Studio within Paradise Clinic. The aim is to teach blended classes. So you can attend in person or online to any of the classes. This allows anyone in any part of the UK to take part. If you cannot attend a class then on request a recording of the missed session can be sent to you.

In 2008 Melanie took the 3 year DRU yoga teacher training course and as such began to include Relaxation Yoga Techniques where appropriate in the Reflexology therapy sessions. To deepen her yogic practice Melanie re-took the Yoga teacher Training course during the Pandemic. Melanie also began training as a Dru Meditation Teacher and Qualified in 2023. Subsequently Melanie has qualified as a Breathwork Coach taking centuries old breathing practices and modernising them for use by anyone regardless to reduce stress and cope better with the effects of anxiety and any illness. 

Melanie has recently qualified as a Calm and Relax Coach helping individuals and groups with strategies to help them in their day to day lives to cope with stress. 

Maternity Credentials:

Melanie has over 20 years experience in Maternity & Baby Reflexology and Needle Free Acupuncture.

Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) trained with Moshe Kruche and also with the late Gill Thomson a midwife who specialised in Suzanne Enzers Maternity Reflexology Method.

Melanie has been teaching Pregnancy Yoga in Kemnay since July 2015. Melanie is a Pregnancy Yoga (YogaBirth Trained) and British Wheel of Yoga Post Natal Teacher.

Melanie was trained over a 2 year period by a midwife called Judy Cameron (who had taught pregnancy yoga for over 15 years), and 4 other highly experienced YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga teachers  Melanie qualified as a YogaBirth Teacher after an 18 month Continuing Professional Development Programme involving intensive study on how to teach Pregnancy Yoga and associated Childbirth Education.

 Melanie taught Pregnancy Yoga at 7pm on a Thursday evening at Hoodles in Oldmeldrum from 2016 to 2017 and then took over Judy Cameron’s Pregnancy Yoga class and also her Post Natal and Baby Yoga Classes at Queens Cross Church Aberdeen until 2019, when the church was refrubished.  

Melanie was trained by Judy Cameron who put together a special course for the British Wheel of Yoga. This Post Natal course trains us to show you, how to do safe and effective postnatal yoga, which is specifically for new mothers, so it can be the first exercise you do in the immediate months after birth. Call Melanie on 07896 047 660, to discuss your own individual requirements.

Melanie further trained in Baby Yoga with To Baby and Beyond. This Baby Yoga course is accredited and certified by 6 national training bodies including The Royal College of Midwives. 

If you are interested in a One2one/online Zoom session or you can join a Pregnancy Yoga class or Mum and Baby Yoga class if there is space. Please call Melanie on 07896 047 660 or email drjones@paradiseclinic.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Melanie has worked with OrganicaJ and Bskincare over the last 20 years as their businesses have developed. Both are excellent makers of skincare products

Melanie owns, and is based at the established natural health Paradise Clinic in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire. 
A wide range of clients come to Kemnay from Aberdeen and beyond.
Kemnay is very close to Inverurie and the A96.

For directions Click Link.
Mobile visits are possible, if absolutely necessary. 

If you want any more information call 07896 047 660 to speak to Melanie {Dr Jones (PhD)} for a free 10 minute telephone consultation or email drjones@paradiseclinic.co.uk




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