Gardener's Goodies ~ skincare

Gardener's hand balm, comfrey and muscle rub

At Paradise Clinic we have put together a sumptuous range of skincare products for Gardener's.

From ointments to beeswax balms and creams to hand scrubs you will find something for yourself or to buy as a gift.

Contact us today on 07896047660 and the item will be picked from our stock or freshly made and with you as soon as can be!

Buy 3 items and get free packing and postage to one address or collect from Paradise Clinic.

Gardener's Hand Balm ~ organic hand picked comfrey is a major part of this balm, mixed with beeswax and other amazing oils. Great for chapped hands and hacks as the comfrey aims to help with healing. (60ml) £9.99 plus packing and postage.

Comfrey Ointment ~ super rich organic comfrey grown in Scotland is mixed with beeswax for this amazing ointment. Great for super sore hands and if you apply it after the Muscle Rub it may help with super sore backs! (15ml, 30ml, 60ml) £10.99 plus packing and postage.

Muscle Rub ~ Organic Aloe Vera and black pepper make this zingy rub a treat for sore backs after you have overdone it in the garden! (60ml) £10.99 plus packing and postage.

Muscle & Joint Cream ~ If you don't have time for the Muscle Rub then try this quick absorbing Muscle and Joint cream great for aching limbs (contains juniper so not suitable during pregnancy or for epileptics) (60ml) £10.99 plus packing and postage.

Lemon Barrier Cream ~ Zingy lemon curd aroma combined into this protective barrier cream (60ml) brilliant pre protection for gardener's to stop that muck getting into the pores! Also may help if you have circulatory issues to provide a barrier to the elements. (60ml) £10.99 plus packing and postage.

Gardener's Hand Scrub ~ no nasty plastic here! Ground olive stones combined with zingy spearmint will remove the muck and grime after a hard days gardening. Feels great afterwards and apply one of the beeswax creams for that final finish and glow. (150ml) £10.99 plus packing and postage.

Hand Creams ~ Lemongrass and Jojoba (250ml), £12.99 plus packing and postage. Geranium Hand and Foot Cream £9.99 plus packing and postage (60ml) and also Beeswax Hand and Foot Cream £9.99 plus packing and postage. (60ml)

To finish ~ the SOS ointment comes in 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml sizes and is a rich version to Save Our Skin's. Comfrey, olive and rosemary extract and other goodies make this a must for skin that needs extra special attention. £6.99, £8.99 and 10.99 for 15ml, 30ml and 60ml respectively.

Calendula Ointment ~ great for skin irritations and to sooth and calm , a must in your first aid kit for skin.

Hope you can find something in the selection above? If you need any advice just call Dr Melanie Jones PhD 07896 047 660 for a free 10 minute consultation and to place your order.





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