Gift Vouchers for Treatments with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Call Dr Melanie Jones PhD to discuss your situation if you require a concessionary rate. I am always happy to help out to some extent if you cannot afford a treatment.

Just call for a chat! 07896047660 

Gift vouchers can be made for any value and can be for a full treatment or yoga session or they can be used as part payment for anything including products.

Prices have not increased at Paradise Clinic since 2014. COVID-19 has forced us to revise our prices to take into account the following: The reduced number of appointments per day due to ventilation requirements, time for cleaning between each client, masks, hand sanitiser, thermometers, and additional coveralls per clients and therapist. Clients are now restricted to 90 minutes in total within the boundaries of the clinic.

My time is now based on an hourly rate.

Some treatments need more time than others. Treatments are based on time but also on your budget, so Melanie can help you whatever your current situation. If you only want, need or can afford a shorter appointment than 45 minutes then chat to Melanie (07896047660) about your situation.


  • A 45 minute appointment is £45.
  • A 1 hour appointment is £59.
  • A 75 minute appointment is £75.
  • Ideally, 90 minutes of time is required for the first appointment therefore a 90 minute appointment is discounted to £79 (full price £89).

Discounted Package Prices
Block of Treatment with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

You are also welcome to buy a Discounted Package of 5 full priced treatments for any of the times above.  You will receive either a 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes FREE additional time added on, which can be used separately, or added on to one or more treatments so you can have longer appointments! 

Packages are available for you to buy for your own use or as gift vouchers.

Discounted Packages:

  • 5 x 45 minute appointments is £225 with 45 minutes free time added on (£37.50 per 45 minutes).
  • 5 x 60 minute appointments £295 with 60 minutes free time added on (£49.17 per 60 minutes). 
  • 5 x 75 minute appointments £375 with 75 minutes free time added on (£62.50 per 75 minutes).
  • 5 x 90 minute appointments £442.50 with 90 minutes free time added on (£73.75 per 90 minutes).

The first treatment is usually 90 minutes for any of the following:

The first treatment costs £79 discounted from £89.

  • 1st Hand and Foot Reflexology Treatment thereafter choose your time 45 mins, 1hr, 75 mins or 90 mins
  • The Ayurvedic Foot and Leg Reflex Massage
  • The Japanese Reiki & Fully Clothed Kekko Massage
  • Facial Reflexology takes 90 minutes including prep time and relax time 


75 minutes treatment is the most popular time after the 90 minutes.

The 75 minutes costs £75.

  • Shorter Japanese Reiki session with/without Kekko Massage
  • 75 minutes of DRU Yoga
  • 75 Minutes of Pregnancy Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Reflex Massage on Feet & Legs

60 minutes of any treatment is £59
Treatments with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire
  • Hand Reflexology and Guided Relaxation Technique to take away!
  • Hand and Foot Reflexology
  • Ear Reflexology (multiple conditions)
  • Reflex Massage on Hand or Foot
  • 1 hr of guided DRU yoga 
  • 1hr of guided relaxation techniques for stress management
  • 1hr of Pregnancy Yoga
  • 60 minutes of one2one Post Natal Yoga
  • Children’s Reflexology
  • Baby Reflexology

45 minutes of any treatment is £45
  • Reflexology on Hands
  • Reflexology on Feet
  • Reflex Massage on Hand or Feet
  • Children’s Reflexology
  • Baby Reflexology

If you book an hour session of children’s or baby reflexology but we only use 30 minutes or 45 minutes then you only pay for the time used to a minimum of 30 minutes.

If you buy a gift voucher for Blossom and Soften, B Skincare or OrganicaJ products at Paradise Clinic then I will give you free advice and a free appointment in which to choose them!

DRU Yoga Classes
Relaxation and DRU yoga with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Each class is £8.50. 
The classes are on a Monday from 8pm to 9pm at Kemnay Church Centre.
If you buy 4 consecutive classes for £35 you can have the next consecutive class free. If you happen to miss a class due to your illness then you can still have the free class.
If you are working sporadically on a Monday evening and still want to buy a block you can give me dates in advance and buy a block of non-consecutive classes and still get your free class.
You are welcome to come for a one to one in Paradise Clinic if you want to at any time for the usual hourly rate of £59.


  • Blossom and Soften Gift vouchers for any amount….prices start from £4.49
  • OrganicaJ
  • Bskincare
  • Reflexology tools
  • Weleda Products


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