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The PM Recipe Club

Good nutrition and gorgeous tasting food don’t always come into the same sentence!

Many of us start out with good resolutions and come to the that point of self sabotage.

We all make lifestyle choices and at some point we consume foods that are not good for us.

So, I have set myself a challenge of 100 days of optimum nutrition, incorporating healthy food that I like the taste of. I can easily count down from a 100 days to 1 and that length of time should be long enough to make a different to my weight and overall health. I would however like to continue past that 100 days and see if I can keep the programme going, because as we all know that is the gold dust moment, if you like that holy grail of dieting. Not just becoming more fitter and healthier but keeping the momentum going and staying that way!

I am sure that there are hundreds of websites out there that have recipes on them but has anyone tried out the recipes and recommended them? If you have then please send me your favourite healthy recipe to try and I will post it or the link to it on this website. If the recipe comes from a book or it is your own then I need the citation so that I can acknowledge the source of the recipe.

Additionally, at present, I am particularly looking for recipes that include high protein or snacks that may have some natural sugar substitute for those evening munchies. If you have any suggestions for recipes you would like to share do get in touch.

For those of you that are local to Aberdeen, you are welcome to get in touch and we may be able to organise a Recipe Club meetup in Paradise Clinic if there is enough interest.

To be a member all you have to do is contribute a recipe and I will send you a free Membership number.

Many thanks in anticipation


p.s. if you are interested in self help tools to help you if you want to lose weight then do have a look at the Ear Reflexology and the Needle Free Acupuncture information pages on this website. 


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