Terms of Business


Buy 5 treatments and get one free.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The Package is non-transferable

2. All 6 appointments must be pre-booked. If no changes are made for any of the appointments then you get an extra 15 minutes of treatment added on the last session as a special thank you.

3.  The package can be used for a total of 6; 30, 45, 1hr, 1hr 15 or 90 minute treatments. The session time must be decided at the outset. You may use the package for any treatment Reflexology, Japanese Reiki, Koryo Hand Therapy or Ear Reflexology or Relaxation/DRU Yoga individual lesson where there is appropriate time for that therapy. Simply discuss your needs with your therapist.

4. Rescheduling is allowed provided at least 24 hours notice is given.

If 24 hours is not given then you agree to pay the £12 (the cost of 1 hours room rental at Paradise Clinic).  This is to maintain fairness and parity with all other clients.

5. If you reschedule with less than 24 hours notice more than 3 times total during your block of sessions then you lose your free session. Remember you have not paid any more for each session!

6. Apongs or ear reflex balls are not included in the price of the package.

24 Hour Rule!
In order that we can continue to provide all our highly valued clients with exceptional service we have decided to utilise the 24 hour cancellation rule.
£12 (the cost of renting the room for 1 hour) will be charged if a client cancels/reschedule in the 24 hours before their appointment.

To cancel or reschedule please text 07896 047 660 or phone and leave a message on either the mobile or the landline. Emails are not acceptable. To be fair to all clients there are no exceptions to this rule.

No show policy:
If a client does not turn up for an appointment there will be a £39 No Show Fee.
This is a fair representation of the time spent setting up the room, waiting 15 minutes worrying about the client, and then rescheduling their next appointment!

Mobile 07896 047 660. Landline 01467 642 114


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