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Need to Relax, De-stress & Unwind? Try Hand and Foot Reflexology
Dr Melanie Jones PhD at Paradise Clinic Kemnay

If you want to experience the 90 year old Original Ingham Method of Hand and Foot Reflexology then you have come to the right place!

Dr Melanie Jones PhD trained with Dwight Byers the nephew of Eunice Ingham who developed Reflexology in 1930’s USA. Melanie has been giving treatments since 2002 and is “still curious and fascinated by the positive effects that Hand and Foot Reflexology appear to have on a range of issues with many different clients”.
Many medical conditions may originate from stress and stress can affect us at all stages of our lives. Reflexology treatments are suitable for all ages for adults (including work related issues) and conditions associated with aging.
Treatments are based on time and on your budget so Melanie can help you whatever your situation. A 45 minute appointment is £45 and 1 hour is £59. 75 minutes is £75 and 90 minutes is £79 (discounted from £89). You are also welcome to buy a block of 5 full priced treatments for any of the times and receive an additional treatment time for free!
If you want any more information call 07896 047 660 or 01467 642 114 to speak to Melanie {Dr Jones (PhD)}for a free 10 minute telephone consultation or email


Hand Reflexology
Hand Reflexology with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

It is estimated that 30% of the population does not like having their feet touched! For a Hand Reflexologist, this is no problem. Simply come along for an hour of Reflexology on the hands alone. Combined with Relaxation and Reflex Massage this is truly a stress management experience. Shorter sessions are available on request especially for gift vouchers and taster sessions.
On request, Melanie is happy to work on the feet through the socks as long as the socks are smooth material.  

Melanie as an Original Ingham Method Reflexologist is trained that a full reflexology session is working both Hands and Feet in the same session. However, for some people the hands are all they require.

Hand Reflexology is still an unusual therapy, a particular specialty at Paradise Clinic and is used during every reflexology treatment.
The hand charts of Ingham Method Reflexology represent a mini-map of the entire body.
Hands are easier for you to work yourself than the feet and therefore are of great benefit for self-help.

Working the hand reflexes may potentially for example: induce deep relaxation, revitalise your energy, balance your emotions and help the body systems.
You are encouraged to work your own hand reflexes once you are confident and have had sufficient practice.

Optimal Reflex Ball for Hand Reflexology
Optimal Reflex Ball for Hand Reflexology with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

In Hand Reflexology we use a spiky ball called an Optimal Reflex Ball which you can buy to give yourself a mini relaxing treatment. These are for sale in our shop, Click here. Note colours may vary! Help yourself to Better Health with Hand Reflexology!

Hand Reflexology for the Workplace

Hand Reflexology is also particularly suited to the corporate environment.

If you want any more information call 07896 047 660 or 01467 642 114 to speak to Melanie {Dr Jones (PhD)}for a free 10 minute telephone consultation or email (Amy please link to call button)


Nerve Reflexology
Nerve Reflexology with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Nerve Reflexology is used by therapists who wish to help clients with acute or chronic pain.  A Nerve Reflexologist has therefore extended their skills to include specific additional techniques for use in both acute and chronic pain states.

Dysfunction in the movement and organ systems are often correlated and the nervous system plays a central role in this relationship.
Nerve reflexology utilises a specific pressure technique to target and precisely impact various parts of the nervous system.

Dr Melanie Jones PhD trained with Nico Pauly and qualified with a diploma in Nerve Reflexology. Call 07896 047 660 to get more information about this unique treatment.


VRT ~ Vertical Reflexology Therapy for Hands or Feet
VRT ~ Vertical Reflex Therapy with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

The Booth Method of VRT (also known as Vertical Reflex Therapy) developed by Lynne Booth over a period of 20 years is a form of reflexology where the hands or feet are worked in a weight-bearing position for short periods, providing an intensive level of treatment that can aid general well-being, relieve tension in the body and bring about a state of relaxation throughout the body.
Melanie trained with Lynne Booth and has witnessed some very interesting results with Musculo-Skeletal issues at both Lynne’s workshops and with her own clients.
It is one of those treatments that is worth trying out yourself and make up your own mind as to the effects!
VRT can be part of the full 90 minute Hand and Foot Reflexology session.Call Dr Melanie Jones PhD to discuss your requirements 07896047660


Ear Reflexology/Acupuncture
Ear Reflexology/Acupuncture with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Korean Ear Reflexology is based on the same principles as Chinese Auricular Acupuncture but again is needle free. The theory is that the ear has many zones which relate to various parts of the body. In Ear Reflexology the points on the ear which relate to your issues are treated with Tourmaline pellets. These pellets are attached to the ear and pressed at will.
The first treatment takes 1 hour and you pay for just 1 hour plus the number of pellets required for your individual requirements.  Thereafter the total treatment time is 14 days and during this time once you have seen how and where to attach the Tourmaline seed pellets you can then attach them yourself. A great complementary self-help, cost effective therapy.


Stop smoking using treatments with Dr Melanie Jones PhD Paradise Clinic Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Many clients have used this therapy to reduce the effects of
•    Phobias such as insects,
•    Fear of flying.
•    To stop smoking
•    To help manage weight when dieting.

Call Melanie for a free 10-minute telephone consultation and Melanie will recommend you the best treatment to start with, or help you choose a program which can be specially personalised and tailored to your needs at your first appointment.

Melanie is based at the established natural health Paradise Clinic in Corner of Paradise Road, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5NB.

A wide range of clients come to Kemnay from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and beyond.

Kemnay is very close to Inverurie and the A96. Kemnay is a 20-minute drive from Aberdeen on the dual carriageway. 


Dr Melanie Jones PhD (non-medical research)


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