DRU Breathwork Coaching

A DRU Breathwork coach takes a fresh look at 1000's years old techniques in a modern format to help you tone and trim your nervous system aiming to help you bring about an enduring change in your life. As a coach I will help you practice 3 times a day so you get quicker progression to your goals which we set together. Whatever your aim we can work to improve your physiology, emotions, and outlook on life, with breathwork techniques exploring dynamic, balancing and relaxing breaths. 

Re-design your Nervous System responses!
DRU Breathwork Coach

If you could learn how to regulate your Nervous system, with the aim of improving physiology, emotions and your general outlook on life simply by changing the rate of breathing /minute, would that interest you?  All with a the help of a dedicated DRU breathwork coach.

DRU Breathwork is not one particular aim or practice. It gives practical, real time, in the moment, potent practices that have been around for 1000's of years and updated into a modern form of coaching. It is safe, and gives you the skillset and the practices which are accessible for all ages, backgrounds and experiences. You don't have to be an expert in Yoga do them since they are easy to understand and you just  practice them for just a few minutes each day and watch for the benefits. 

Dru Breathwork has a general aim to tone and train your nervous system making the Breathwork an integral part of your life to bring about and enduring change in your life. 

Dru Breathwork as a tool for Self Care

Would you like the possibility of:

  • Improving your well being overall
  • Reducing your Stress
  • Improving the quality of your Sleep
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Balancing your Mood
  • Balancing your Energy levels - UP or DOWN
  • Improving your Digestion
  • Increasing your Mental Focus
  • Perhaps reducing your Blood Pressure
  • Managing Pain with DRU Breathwork techniques

What does a DRU Breathwork Coach do for you?

The primary objective of a DRU Breathwork Coach is to aid client to improve the quality of their life through Breathwork. 

As you coach I will:

  1.  help you practice 3 times a day
  2.  make things simple
  3.  keep you on target so you get quick progression to your goals which we will set together
  4.  determine your baseline starting point so you can see measurable inprovement
  5.  show you how to measure your CO2 tolerance so it can be increased
  6.  enable slower breathing
  7.  teach dynamic breathing so you breathe more often for longer in a safe and productive   way

Key Principles of DRU Breathwork
And Breath with your DRU Breathwork Coach

A Dru Breathwork coach helps you focus on influencing the nervous system through changing the rate of breaths we take a minute.

We can change the ratio of breathing using the length of the IN and OUT breath.

Think of your IN breath as your gas pedal and your OUT breath as your brake pedal.

These levers either calm or stimulate your nervous system.

How often we breathe a minute is also a lever for efficient cell respiration by utilising CO2 combustion in our cells. 

Call Melanie today to find out more for a free 10 minute consultation and book your DRU Breathwork Coaching programme to test the benefits of these practices for yourself.

Call 07896047660 or drjones@paradiseclinic.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.......


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