90 minute Special Offer Gift Voucher (0000.2)

Snap up this special offer on our Luxury Gift Voucher for any treatment up to 90 minutes.....The ultimate gift for someone who really needs to Relax, De-Stress and  Unwind. Choose from Original Ingham Hand and Foot Reflexology; the 80 year old technique, Original Japanese Reiki, or Facial Reflexology provided by Dr Melanie Jones (PhD). This Voucher can also be used for Korean Needle Free Acupuncture, Ear Reflexology  or a personalised session of DRU Yoga. Any Pregnancy related treatment or Pregnancy Yoga can also be taken with this voucher. After a 10 minute telephone consultation with Melanie the bearer can decide which treatment they would prefer. Save £9.50 with this offer ~ usual price is £88.50. Total Cost is £79.

What you get for your money ~ 2 hours and 15 minutes of Dr Melanie Jones's full attention with up to 90 minutes of treatment time.

"Melanie will speak to you to work out the best treatment for your needs, the consultation form is given to you well in advance so you have time to take advantage of the lifestyle questionnaire, Melanie will have the treatment plan ready for you on your arrival. You are encouraged to arrive early for your appointment so you can begin your relaxing treatment without rushing. The therapy room is made ready especially for you with a heated therapy table and lots of cushions and pillows for extra comfort. You get up to 90 minutes of treatment time with time to relax at the end ~ we don't rush you out the door! A full treatment aftercare plan is given for you to follow and following your treatment we will contact you to see how you are doing and answer any queries or followup questions you may have. This is exceptional service for the money and we are proud of the results!" Dr Melanie Jones PhD



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