DRU Yoga

DRU Yoga ~Stillness in Motion
Relax, Destress & Unwind come to a DRU yoga Class with Dr Melanie Jones PhD

Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing sequences and body movements, directed breathing, empowering visualisation and relaxation.

With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition, Dru works on body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being.

DRU yoga sessions start with activations which are simple movements to warm up the body and free the mind from tension. The activations allow the body to do any of a number of follow-on flowing yoga sequences without strain on the joints and muscles.

The word DRU means stillpoint. Dru comes from the sanskrit word dhruva which means stillness. In relaxation or meditation we often visualise a still point around the heart. A place of peace and calm for you to retreat to any time you choose. In this stillness we are able to stand back from anything that may be happening around us and so see and act from a point of clarity and calm. We learn to live in the present and do not over-worry ourselves with the past, or the future.

Relaxation is guided by your teacher and can help you use breath and visualisation to control pain, dis-ease, transform painful thoughts, and emotions into positive patterns and attain your life goals.

druworldwide.com has lots more information but if you come along to Melanie’s class on a Monday or book a one to one at Paradise Clinic you can experience it for yourself!

Relax, Destress & Unwind come to a DRU yoga Class or one to one with Dr Melanie Jones PhD

In 2005, 450 graduates and participants in Dru Yoga Courses all over the world were asked about the effects of their DRU Yoga practice.

  • 72% found Dru Yoga reduced back pain
  • 93% experienced improved spine flexibility
  • 86% enjoyed increased energy levels
  • 89% experienced improved breathing with yoga
  • 89% can now reduce and control stress levels
  • 81% have greater confidence and self-empowerment
  • 84% benefited from enhanced mood since practising Dru Yoga
  • 83% felt emotionally balanced
  • 91% gained peace of mind by overcoming negative thinking

Explore your potential and relax de-stress and unwind with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire

Melanie runs Relaxation~DRU yoga classes for individuals, groups and corporate clients. DRU Yoga and Relaxation sessions that are individually tailored to your needs are also available at any time at Paradise Clinic or through Zoom with Melanie.

Currently we meet on Mondays, at Kemnay Church Centre at 8:00pm for 1 hour of Relaxing, Stress-reducing DRU Yoga. Suitable for all ages and mobility needs. You may join anytime. The price is £8.50 a class or £35 for a block of 4 consecutive classes with the 5th one free. If you miss a class in the block for any reason that would be your free class.  Call 07896 047 660 today to book your place and try it for yourself.

Dr Melanie Jones PhD has been practicing Siddha Yoga for 37 years. In 2008 Melanie began training to teach DRU yoga and started teaching weekly during the training course and has never stopped! Melanie began training in 2013 and qualified in 2016 as a Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga teacher with YogaBirth and The British Wheel of Yoga, and teaches weekly classes in Kemnay and Aberdeenshire.


Safety Disclaimer for DRU Yoga Teachers Teaching Online

Safety Disclaimer for DRU Yoga Online (79kb)

DRU Yoga classes and one2ones

Call Melanie for a free 10-minute telephone consultation and Melanie will recommend you the best treatment to start with, or help you choose a program which can be specially personalised and tailored to your needs at your first appointment.

Melanie is based at the established natural health Paradise Clinic in Corner of Paradise Road, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5NB.

A wide range of clients come to Kemnay from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and beyond.

Kemnay is very close to Inverurie and the A96. Kemnay is a 20-minute drive from Aberdeen on the dual carriageway. 


Dr Melanie Jones PhD (non-medical research)

COVID-19 Summary Face to Face for All Yoga Risk Assesment

Yoga classes will not start until Government guidelines allow. We will then follow guidelines for movement inside classes.

  • Students please keep social distancing while arriving and departing the class.
  • Before putting your mat down, wait for the teacher to tell you where to put it.
  • Yoga mats will be more than 2 metres apart to allow social distancing and movement during class. Handles and gateways disinfected prior to and after class.
  • Our class space won't come close to the general public.
  • Equipment will no longer be shared within the class, please bring your own mat, blanket, blocks, yoga belt, cushions and water bottle as required.
  • Please use the toilet before you come to the class, as if you use the toilet in the building, you will have to clean all surfaces you touch with the disinfectant spray that Melanie will provide.


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