Pregnancy Yoga / Prenatal Yoga (Yogabirth)

Pregnancy Yoga / Prenatal Yoga (YogaBirth)
Pregnancy Yoga with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire


Next block starts soon. Go to our SHOP to book online and see upcoming dates for blended classes (ie you can attend the same live class in-person or attend online).

If the block has already started you can join a block at anytime and just pay for the remaining classes. Recordings may be available for missed classes just ask Melanie 07896 047 660

Alternatively if you want a one to one personalised YOGABIRTH Pregnancy Yoga session call Melanie for a free 10 minute chat to assess your needs. 

To get your registration form click here and fill in the online form or email and ask for a copy. 

Melanie runs Pregnancy Yoga classes at various times in Paradise Clinic according to demand. You are welcome to have a one to one Pregnancy Yoga session if you have particular health issues or cannot make one of the class times.

There are many benefits to Pregnancy Yoga here are just a few! 

  • A safe form of exercise
  • Meet pregnant women and share experiences and make new friends
  • Some childbirth education included each week
  • Improve vitality and energy levels
  • Learn to relax and reduce stress
  • Reduce your aches and pains

Here's what Claire said: "At 25 weeks pregnant with twins, I am thoroughly enjoying Melanie's Pregnancy yoga classes. She ensures a completely relaxing experience and every week gives us tips on how to combat the everyday strains of pregnancy. She is friendly and very easy to approach with any kind of question. Highly recommended!"

Pregnancy Yoga FAQ's~ After speaking to many women in Pregnancy Yoga Classes I have put together some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions before starting a class. You are welcome to book online ~ see our Shop for information and payment. Chat to Melanie in person about any individual queries or concerns you may have.  Thank you for your interest in Pregnancy Yoga. ~ Melanie (Dr Jones PhD)

If you want a pdf containing all this information either text 07896 047 660 with subject send pregnancy yoga pdf!  or send an email to

Why should I try Pregnancy / Prenatal Yoga?
Why Try Pregnancy Yoga? Contact Dr Melanie Jones PhD at Paradise Clinic 07896047660

As you go through the pregnancy your body makes some truly amazing changes and YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga teachers aim to help you make the most of this precious time and give your body and mind time to adjust. Each Pregnancy Yoga class is self-contained so you can join a class at any week in your pregnancy after 13 weeks and come to class right up to the day you give birth!

Pregnancy Yoga or Prenatal Yoga as it is often called may have a range of benefits depending on the individual. Pregnancy Yoga is very gentle, so if you have specific health issues you may find that the yoga helps you cope better. You can also learn how to use Hypno~breathing breath awareness techniques to use during pregnancy, the birth and beyond.

If I am having a planned C-section can I still do Pregnancy Yoga?

The potential benefits are the same for all women doing Pregnancy Yoga. There will be information given in the classes for women who finish their pregnancy with a C-section planned or otherwise. "I was having a planned C-section but went into labour early. I had used Pregnancy Yoga throughout my pregnancy to help my body cope with the stresses of being pregnant. I am sure it helped me recover quicker after the C-section".

There have been numerous assertions as to the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga such as:

  • Increased openness and strength where the body needs it,
  • reduced mental stress and body tension,
  • more able to control stress,
  • more control over water retention and swelling,
  • reduced lower back, sciatica and pelvic girdle pain,
  • reduced carpal tunnel symptoms
  • some women even feel that yoga helps recovery after the birth.
  • The list is endless...

Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

Of course you don’t have to be suffering from anything in order to do Pregnancy Yoga, nor do you have to be super flexible (a common misconception) since the classes adapt to your own capabilities.

Every woman is unique and you are carrying a unique individual within you, therefore it will be part of your own personal journey to discover what Pregnancy Yoga can do for you!

“Women who do preparation for labour during pregnancy, often birth their babies in a much more peaceful and efficient way than women who have not prepared with yoga.They tend to be more at ease with their breathing and their bodies, creating the ideal environment for a more straight forward and easier labour and birth…”  Lola Alcaraz-Perez. One of the teachers on the YogaBirth Teacher Training Course. Lola has been helping women birth their babies for over 20 years.

You may be on your first, second or third pregnancy and you know that each pregnancy is different. Whether it be a space and time each week to acknowledge the way you feel, or quality time to connect with the growing baby within. Rest assured every pregnant women seems to find what they need from each class.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

You are surrounded by likeminded women who are on the same journey as you and that in itself is very supportive. You are encouraged to be non-judgemental and open minded and the atmosphere is one of confidentiality, since what is said in the room, stays in the room. Thus you can build lasting friendships and hopefully get the answers to those burning questions.

If you want, you can let the teacher know how you are feeling the day before the class each week and Melanie will take account of that information when she is planning the class. Either way, adjustments and adaptations will be given throughout the class so that above all you have a safe and relaxing experience.

You may be given childbirth educational information along with the yoga practice so that you can make informed choices if the need arises during both the pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

What equipment do I bring to the class?
Equipment for Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660
  • YOGA MAT ~ If you have a yoga mat then do bring that along to the class. If not don't worry just bring along a blanket or large towel to lie. You can get a yoga mat later if you want.
  • SHAWL/BLANKET ~ Please bring something to cover yourself for the relaxation.
  • BIRTHING BALL ~ I have one spare which you can try in class until you decide if you want to buy one or not.
  • A bottle of water is good so you drink throughout the class.
  • Please have something light to eat before a class rather than a heavy meal.
  • Yoga blocks can be tried out in class to sit on to use for improving posture and Optimal Foetal Positioning. The ones I recommend are from YOGAMAD as they are very comfortable for 10 minutes at a time. 

Where and When Can I do Pregnancy / Prenatal Yoga?
Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

Paradise Clinic One to Ones can be arranged for a time to suit you. Or you can bring a friend or friends and have a Pregnancy YogaBirth session (with up to 6 people).

Classes are currently on a Monday. Other times can be arranged depending on demand.  Please arrive at 6:30pm at Paradise Yoga & Meditation Studio (situated in Paradise Clinic, 2 Paradise Rd, Kemnay, AB51 5NB). If you are attending the class via Zoom then please enter the waiting room for 6:25pm and set yourself up. We will start the yoga as soon as everyone arrives but you can all have a chat meanwhile. 

If you have a birthing ball and equipment to drop off at the clinic you are welcome to do that before you go and park.
When numbers fluctuate and the class outgrows Paradise Clinic then the location may change for a larger venue.

Over the years Melanie previously taught Pregnancy Yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga at Hoodles PlayBarn on a Thursday and then moved to Queen Cross Church, Aberdeen on Wednesdays. The latter were Judy Cameron's classes which Melanie took over. Melanie no longer teaches in Oldmeldrum or Aberdeen; preferring to work from Paradise Yoga and Meditation Studio and offer face to face and online blended classes.


What does it cost?
Pregnancy Yoga Classes from 14 weeks to end of your pregnancy with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

Concessions: In YogaBirth we offer a concessionary price of £7.25. You may pay weekly and are always guaranteed a space. Please do chat to Melanie if you cannot afford the £7.25 as some free places can be made available.

A block of 6 Classes is £89. Purchase a block to guarantee your space. Dates are fixed at the beginning of each block. A recording may be available for missed classes if notice is given early on the day of the class. If the block has started already you can join at any time since each class is a standalone experience. You would only pay for the rest of the block including the day you start. 

Are you over 36 weeks? You may pay weekly right up until you give birth if you wish. £15 per 1hr 15min class. Chat to Melanie if this is the best option for you. 

What will I gain from Pregnancy Yoga?
Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

Every pregnancy is different and everyone has different expectations of Pregnancy Yoga. Melanie is confident that you will get what you need from every class, so please talk to her about your own needs or concerns.

Since your needs will change as you journey through your pregnancy, different parts of the class will have meaning to you week by week. It is therefore fine to join a class anytime in your pregnancy from end of 13 weeks, to nearer the end of your pregnancy.

When can I start Pregnancy Yoga Classes?

Do call me on 07896 047660 if you want to go on the list to start Pregnancy Yoga when you are ready, that way you can be sure of a place when you need it.

If you are already doing Yoga when you become pregnant then as a general rule it is fine to begin Pregnancy Yoga early in the Pregnancy as long as you feel well. We generally offer a one to one session at Paradise Clinic and we look at your yoga practice and adapt it for pregnancy. You can join in with a regular Pregnancy Yoga class when you are ready.

A very general rule is to start Pregnancy Yoga at 14 weeks or from the 2nd trimester, usually because that is when you feel less tired, have more energy and are through any sickness. The classes are very gentle and they are meant to help your energy levels and focus. However if you are reading this and you are in your 3rd Trimester you can still do Pregnancy Yoga and get the benefits. Do call Melanie on 07896 047660 to chat about any questions you have.

If you are having an amazing first trimester and are having no first trimester side effects at all and want to start Pregnancy Yoga do call Melanie to discuss your situation! 

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?
Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

There is lots of feedback about the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga. The list below is not exhaustive but it gives you some idea of what people say about YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga Classes!

“It is a wonderful cocoon in which, for an hour or two, you can find some deep calm within yourself and with your baby”. L.W.

“With all the wonderful things I have been taught, and all the amazing women I have met, I have not found anything as effective as yoga and breathing to help women in labour.” SS.M.

There has never been a more important time for women to practice yoga during pregnancy and postnatally- to receive all of the nurturing and positive approach that YogaBirth classes offer. CH

“The yoga helps to prevent and alleviate some of the common symptoms/side effects of pregnancy, they enjoy being in the moment, connecting with their bodies and their babies and connecting with their breath.” S.B.   

I am not very flexible can I still do Pregnancy Yoga?
Anyone can do Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

It is a common misconception that you need to be flexible to do Yoga!

YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga utilises in a very safe way, the increased levels of the Relaxin hormone that flows around your body’s joints during pregnancy. Flexibility is therefore not an issue so come along and try YogaBirth for yourself!  

I've never done yoga before does that matter?

Many of the women who come to YogaBirth classes have never done yoga before but want to try it as they've heard that yoga has great benefits during pregnancy and can help them to have an easier birth. Each class is self-contained so it does not matter if you join a class at any time.  

What if I am not feeling that well can I still come to the class?
Just come and relax ~ Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

The format of the class tries to take into account your needs so each class can be tailor made if and when required.

For example before the class you may be suffering from nausea, limited flexibility or back pain or pelvic girdle pain, lack of energy or blood pressure issues. Perhaps you are not feeling very positive and a bit fed-up or emotional! 

A YogaBirth teacher is trained to adapt the class to suit many physical issues and you are encouraged to come along and use Pregnancy Yoga as a therapy to help you get through these times.

You are welcome to attend the class on zoom even if you normally come in person to the class. If you can't attend at all then give me some notice on the day of the class and I will do my best to record it for you. You will only see a recording of myself teaching the yoga and not any of the women doing the yoga. 

What is YogaBirth?
Dr Melanie Jones was trained by YogaBirth the course is accredited by The Royal College Of Midwives

The teaching course that your teacher has followed was approved by The Royal College of Midwives.

The following information is summarised from

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice yoga. YogaBirth is the Original Pregnancy Yoga course, developed over 40 years, YogaBirth classes offer specialist yoga for pregnancy combined with a wealth of skills and knowledge about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. YogaBirth classes offer a safe, effective and integrated form of yoga, carefully adapted for you to practice from fourteen weeks of pregnancy up to the birth of your baby.

In each class positions and movements address posture and circulation, pelvic floor strength and awareness, and general strength and tone of muscles throughout your body to enhance your overall health and comfort. The yoga movements provide great comfort, keep the baby well-oxygenated, and potentially make birth easier, faster and less complicated. This deep but gentle bodywork helps you develop physical strength and suppleness; an essential combination for birthing and motherhood.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes with Dr Melanie Jones PhD, Kemnay Aberdeenshire 07896047660

Breathing is at the core of YogaBirth Classes and is essential to birth as it is too life. The breathing techniques you will learn in class are specifically designed for labour and birth, and YogaBirth call them Hypno~breathing.  So regular attendance at the classes will help you to develop confidence in your body’s innate ability to give birth.

Our YogaBirth classes can include:

  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Breathing awareness & Hypno~breathing
  • Pelvic floor education
  • Information about pregnancy and birth
  • Preparation for labour and birth through yoga
  • Refreshments & discussion
  • Often mothers return to introduce their new babies and to share and celebrate their birth experiences. Many long-lasting friendships begin at YogaBirth classes.  

Mum and Baby Yoga
Mum and Baby Yoga
Mum and Baby Yoga (Yoga for You & Yoga for Baby).
Many Mums come to the Pregnancy Yoga class and then move into the Mum and Baby Yoga Class about 6 weeks after birth or 10 weeks after a C-Section. The class can combine Post Natal and Baby Yoga or it can be run as separate classes for either Post Natal or just the Baby Yoga depending on demand. Any of these classes can be run as one to ones or on zoom if you cannot get to the Yoga Studio. If you are interested just ask Melanie 07896 047 660.


By attending the Mum and Baby Yoga each week you will feel recharged and your core strength will be restored. The class aims to help you replenish your energy and begin to restore your core strength. You can also learn good postural habits and easy stretches and relaxing movements so you can continue to extend the benefits of the class at home. You do not need experience in yoga because a Post Natal teacher shows you how to do safe and effective postnatal yoga, which is specifically for new mothers so it can be the first exercise you do in the immediate months after birth.

 Post Natal classes include:

  • Yoga
  • Pelvic floor education
  • Abdominal & core strength
  • Postural awareness
  • Relaxation
  • Breath awareness
Through our specialised yoga practice and breath awareness, you can learn how to release the normal tension that comes with feeding, carrying and comforting your baby. 
Baby Yoga has specific moves for your baby which aim to help with sleeping, better digestion and brain development. The class incorporates where appropriate some baby sensory, baby signing and baby reflexology.  The classes are a great way to meet other Mums and do Yoga with your baby, helping to develop their sensory coordination and development, they tend to sleep better and you learn ways to calm a fractious baby. Learning different ways of holding your baby as it grows bigger can help your posture and keep baby calm. 

If you are interested in a One 2 One or In person/online Zoom classes you can join a Pregnancy Yoga class or Mum and Baby Yoga class please call Melanie on 07896 047 660 or email or you can book and pay online in our Shop. If the class times are not up in the shop send Melanie a message for details of upcoming blocks of classes. 


Contact Details for your teacher

Call Melanie on 07896 047 660  and have a free 10 minute chat and perhaps get the answers to all your questions if they haven't been answered here!

Credentials of your teacher

Melanie Jones is a Fertility and Maternity Reflexologist and a Korean Hand Acupuncturist and owns Paradise Clinic in Kemnay. Melanie has been teaching weekly DRU Yoga classes since 2008, is a qualified Meditation Teacher and also a Breathwork Coach and a Calm and Relax Coach. 

Melanie began Continued Professional Development in Pregnancy Yoga in August 2013 when she began observing Judy Cameron teaching YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga. Melanie subsequently observed over 100 hours of Yoga Teaching with many teachers and completed the YogaBirth Pregnancy Teacher Training course examinations and assessment in September 2015. The whole teacher training course is a minimum of 200 hrs. YogaBirth Teacher Training course are accredited by The Royal College of Midwives. Melanie further trained in Baby Yoga with To Baby and Beyond. This Baby Yoga course is accredited and certified by 6 national training bodies including The Royal College of Midwives. For more information about Melanie's credentials please click here. 


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